What we offer

What Do We Do?

We provide strategic and advisory IT services to health care organizations. We specialize in Electronic Health Records and other large scale health information systems.  Types of services we offer includes:

  • Electronic Health Records Assistance
  • Systems Review and Assessment
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Implementation Planning
  • Implementation Management and Assistance
  • Interim CIO and IT Management 
  • HIPAA Assistance
  • Industry Education
  • General Problem Solving And Special Projects
  • Expert witness/litigation support 
  • Strategic assistance to healthcare IT industry suppliers and investors

Whom Do We Help?

We have helped a wide variety of health care related organizations such as:

  • Hospitals and Integrated Delivery Networks
  • Physician offices and practices
  • Managed care organizations such as PPO's, Taft Hartley Fund health plans, and Employer Owned Clinics
  • Government based organizations such as Correctional Facility Health Care Units, County Departments of Health, federal agencies and health ministries
  • RHIO's/HIE's
  • Professional and educational organizations/associations
  • Product and service companies as software vendors, pharmaceutical firms, investment bankers, law firms etc.

While the vast majority of our clients are throughout the continental United States, we have worked extensively in China, and also have experience in Africa, Europe and Latin America


  • Our knowledge and experience: We use only highly experienced health care consultants. No rookies or health care novices to train at your expense.
  • Our focus: We work exclusively in healthcare IT and health information management related areas. We understand provider needs, the healthcare IT market and the vendors serving it.
  • Our Objectivity: We sell only consulting services; not software, hardware or any other products that could present a conflict of interest. We have no "side arrangements" with vendors to implement their products, or to potentially compromise our independence.
  • Our Flexibility: We tailor our tools and methodologies to each client's needs, tempering them with our experience, as well as the specific needs, desires and budget of the client.
  • Our Practicality: Our advice is tailored to the needs and risk profile of our clients. Most providers have a pragmatic and practical approach towards IT. We can get creative and take you to the leading (bleeding) edge - but only if that is where you want to go.
  • Small Jobs and Large Jobs: We work with you to define the proper scope and size of the project. Many of our projects are brief and highly focused. No pressure to sell large jobs and keep large numbers of consultants busy.
  • Xanax for Health Care Executives: We reduce the anxiety of making and implementing major IT decisions.

Recent News

We are thrilled to now be located to Colorado Springs CO.  Phone and email contact info are on the "Contact MRCCG" page.

Key 2017 engagements included strategic IT planning for a state Behavioral Health department, vendor selection assistance for a state  Department of Corrections, and strategic planning for a major corporation in China to enter the provider and IT market.   2015 and 2016 engagements were centered around assisting three hospitals/health systems with their IT strategies and vendor selection efforts to replace current HIS, EHR and ERP systems.   

In addition to project related work that he typically performs, Mike Cohen occasionally serves in interim management positions. An example is when he served as Vice President/CIO at a 400 bed community hospital for most of 2013. Major accomplishments during his nine month tenure included:

  • Completed thorough assessment of IT, including many recommendations which were implemented during his tenure as Interim CIO
  • Determined client was immediately eligible to attest for Medicaid MU incentives under the Adopt, Implement or Upgrade (AIU) rule. Client received over $4M in Medicaid incentives for which they were previously unaware they might qualify
  • Provided executive level guidance and re-direction to a floundering CPOE implementation project. Project exceeded expectations and provides a strong baseline to build upon
  • Established interdisciplinary Steering Committee to guide efforts in accelerated plan to achieve meaningful use. This included organizing workgroups, buying additional products/services needed to achieve full compliance, implementing project reporting and goals, preparing for potential audit defense and more. Client attested for $1.6M in MU Medicare incentive payments
  • Evaluated IT options for reorganizing the department to better meet service goals and longer term requirements. This included developing analyzing options for outside assistance and developing a future state IT organization chart that represents growth/changes needed in the departmental resources, as well as transitional steps to get there
  • Introduced governance for overall IT management and for physician engagement/adoption in clinical IT efforts.  Provided plan for more complete adoption of governance
  • Arranged for comprehensive Privacy and Security assessment and remediation plan needed for both HIPAA and MU compliance
  • Lead efforts to search for and engage a prominent consulting firm to provide guidance, support and resources to accomplish upcoming ICD10 deadlines
  • Provided additional expertise and staff as needed in areas such as Infrastructure planning/requirements, CPOE and  HIM/coding
  • Stabilized and improved IT culture and executive/user perceptions of IT
  • Assisted in recruiting and hiring permanent CIO, who is now in place
  • Developed a Strategic Plan for IT

Select Articles

The Challenge of EHR Acceptance by Physicians; Sept/Oct 2015 The Journal of Medical Practice Management, Greenbranch Publishing, Volume 31,Number 2, Pages 117-120

"Quirks of EP Medicaid Incentives, Is it the Right Choice for You?": Describes the EHR Incentive option that physicians have to select either Medicare or Medicaid incentives - with some pleasant surprises for physicians with a modest Medicaid patient base.  Posted on March 27, 2011 in  Dr.  Stasia Sands-Kahn's "EMR Survival - Ask the Expert" blog.

"The Best Tips and Techniques for Electronic Medical Records for 2011 - What Doctors Need to Know": a webinar hosted by ExecSense on December 21, 2010.

A Community View: How Personal Health Records Can Improve Patient Care and Outcomes in Many Healthcare Settings; published by Northern Illinois University Regional Development Institute (RDI).  Mike Cohen was a contributing author to this book that discusses how Personal Health Records can contribute to patient safety.  It addresses key requirements, and issues from eleven differing healthcare perspectives.  Click here for a free pdf copy

Rhode Island Streamlines With Electronic Health Records; by Joseph R. Marocco and Pauline M. Marcussen; published in Correctional Health Perspectives.  This article describes the process Rhode Island Department of Corrections (RIDOC) used in planning, selecting and implementing their EHR.  Mike Cohen/MRC Consulting Group provided a great deal of assistance to RIDOC and is the consultant referred to in the article.


Tips from a consultant to recognize vaporware during a buying process


Negotiating a Winning EHR Contract; presentation at TEPR


Vendor Selection Tips; Presentation to HIMSS Task Force


If there are other articles you would like to see that are not currently linked above, please feel free to contact us.