Our Values

MRC CG Vision

We will do our best to help our customers make and implement practical, well informed decisions about their health care information systems.

MRC CG Values

  • We value our objectivity and independence. We want to do what's best for our clients - no hidden agendas or side deals with suppliers.
  • We believe that the true sign of a professional is to meet the needs of the client before the needs of ourselves. In so doing, we will all eventually benefit
  • We believe that knowledge is power. By imparting our knowledge to our clients, we empower them to make good decisions
  • We believe in facilitation. We will not make decisions for our clients. Instead, we will help facilitate them to make their own decisions
  • We believe in managing and orchestrating projects. We encourage using your staff and resources, rather than bringing in an army of consultants to handle tasks you can do more cost effectively. We supplement your internal resources with experienced and professional project management, proven methodologies and processes, and time saving effective tools.
  • We enjoy our work - and like being small and flexible. We do not feel compelled to grow in size and volume, which can take the fun and personal well- being out of the experience. We value our relationships with other small and flexible firms giving us the ability to exceed the resources and productivity of much larger companies

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MRC Consulting Group
Colorado Springs, CO 80924
Office phone: (719) 799-6433